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Case Management

In partnership with Washington County, we have four on-staff case managers to help those experiencing chronic houselessness find stable housing. 

Program Details

  • If you are unhoused and would like to secure stable housing, please contact Community Action at 503-640-3263. Community Action evaluates program eligibility and connects you with a partner agency, like Just Compassion. At Just Compassion, we are unable to refer participants to a Case Manager.

  • Once connected to a Case Manager, participants enter a four-phase information-gathering process where we evaluate needs, verify income, and ultimately secure housing. 

  • After securing housing, your case manager will continue to provide support by offering additional resources to assist with employment, disabilities, and housing needs (including utilities).

Regional Long-Term Rent Assistance Voucher (RLRA)

The RLRA voucher offers rental assistance and wraparound services to individuals experiencing housing instability. It also provides landlords incentives for making their housing units available to the program. More information on RLRA in Washington County.

Community Action

For more information on programs like utility assistance, parenting support, workforce training, and housing stability, Community Action is a fantastic starting point. 

Other Services

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