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Safe Parking Program

Our safe parking program offers individuals or families a safe and legal place to park their vehicle, while also providing access to sanitation services and consultations with case managers. Email us at for more information.

Program Details

  • Dedicated safe parking space.

  • Housing case manager.

  • Storage facility.

  • Sanitation services.

Screening Process

Before acceptance into the program, individuals undergo a thorough background check and screening. This ensures a safe and supportive experience for our participants and the community as a whole.

Conduct Agreement

Participants commit to a conduct agreement, promoting a respectful environment. This agreement sets expectations for behavior within the program. This program is designed to be a short-term transitional space for individuals on their way to gaining housing.

Additional Information

  • All of our safe parking spaces are monitored by host managers and safe parking coordinators. 

  • We provide a shared storage pod offering a space for individuals to keep their belongings safe.

  • Hygiene is a priority for all. Our program includes access to a port-a-potty and hand washing stations.

  • Individuals are required to keep belongings in their vehicles or in the shared storage pod.

  • Each Safe Parking Program has anywhere between two-three parking spaces. This maintains a manageable size to cultivate a sense of community and ensure individualized attention.

  • We only allow passenger vehicles in our program. No RV's or large commercial vehicles. 

  • Just Compassion partners with The City of Beaverton and is working on an agreement with The City of Tigard. We also partner with local churches and businesses to operate our Safe Parking Program. 


If you wish to be a part of this program or if you are a community member who has questions about the program, please email us at

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