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Rapid Re-housing

The objective of the program is to ensure individuals facing a housing crisis remain housed by addressing and removing barriers, including those who have recently lost housing.

Program Details

  • Recently houseless or at risk of houselessness without immediate assistance.

  • Housing case manager.

  • Rent + move-in assistance

  • Utility assistance

  • Wraparound services

Referrals - Community Action

At Just Compassion, we are unable to directly refer participants to our Rapid Re-housing program. All referrals must be made through Community Action. To access our program or inquire about another Rapid Re-housing program, please contact Community Action at 503-640-3263

WorkSource Oregon

WorkSoruce provides one-on-one employment and skill development services, including resume-building, on-the-job training, GED programs, career development, and more. Services are offered in multiple languages.

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Get in Touch

If you have any questions in regards to our Rapid Rehousing program, please contact

Other Services

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