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What does Just Compassion do?

Just Compassion walks alongside and partners with unhoused adults who are in need. Just Compassion provides the following resources: prepared meals, clothing, showers and hygiene supplies, monthly access to laundry services, onsite case managers, rapid rehousing manager, mailing address, overnight shelter, severe weather shelter, caring staff who work to develop trusting relationships and assist unhoused guests as they work to rebuild healthy and sustainable lives and obtain appropriate housing.

Where is Just Compassion located?

Just Compassion operates in a number of different locations around Washington County:

  • The Just Compassion Resource Center and Overnight Shelter is located at 12280 SW Hall Blvd. in Tigard It is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The Resource Center open from 9 AM to 2 PM is available to all drop-ins seeking services. The Overnight Shelter houses 20 guests nightly who have been placed there via Community Connect. Currently 138 unhoused adults are awaiting placement in this overnight shelter.

  • Just Compassion operates the Beaverton Severe Weather Shelter located in Beaverton and open from November through March. Shelter can accommodate 40 guests a night and placed by Community Action. All services including meals, case management and other resources are available.

  • Just Compassion manages the Beaverton Safe Parking Program located in Beaverton with 5 sites scattered throughout the city. Each site accommodating 5 vehicles. Sites are provided with garbage, water, restroom facilities and case management.

  • All of eastern Washington County. An Outreach Coordinator works with unhoused adults who do not come into the centers to receive services.

How many people does Just Compassion serve?

From July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022 JC served the following unduplicated individuals:

  • Tigard overnight shelter guests: 133 (closed for 4 months)

  • Beaverton overnight shelter guests: 183 (open November through March)

  • Resource Center guests: 344

  • Meals provided: 23,000

Does Just Compassion help in any other way besides sheltering?

Yes, look at the many ways:

  • Permanent Housing – 7

  • Transitional Housing – 25

  • Mental Health referrals – 21

  • Sober Living – 19

  • Birth Certificates – 12

  • ID Cards – 4

  • Oregon Health Plan – 6

  • SNAP (food stamps) – 14 (especially needed for those recently in housing)

  • QLink Phones – 4

  • SSDI (social security disability) – 9

  • Access to needed surgery – 1

Does Just Compassion work with other agencies?

Yes! Here are a few of the agencies with whom Just Compassion partners:

  • Community Action of Washington County

  • New Narratives

  • Bridges to Change

  • CODA

  • Community Partners for Affordable Housing

  • ASSIST (help with social security and disability, legal legwork, etc.)

  • Cities of Beaverton and Tigard

  • Many, many others

Who operates Just Compassion?

It takes the combined efforts of a whole team of individuals to operate Just Compassion:

  • Board of Directors

  • Executive Director under direction of board of directors

  • Shelter coordinators

  • Outreach coordinators

  • Case managers

  • Rapid Rehousing Manager

  • Volunteer/Donations/Meal coordinator

  • Operations Manager

  • Finance Manager

  • Support Staff

  • Interns

  • Volunteers

Who pays for all of this?

That is a great question! Just Compassion is funded by a number of different revenue streams:

  • Contracts with Washington County Community Connect, Metro Supportive Housing Services via Washington County, City of Beaverton

  • Grants from City of Tigard, Oregon Community Foundation, Holzman Foundation, Community Development Block Grants, Collins Foundation, Southminster Presbyterian Foundation, Shapiro Foundation, and others

  • Fundraisers

  • Individual donors and organizations who believe in the JC mission and want to help their community

Is Just Compassion constructing a new building?

Yes! Just Compassion has received ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act) funding of $4 mil. to build a new facility that can accommodate more people for shelter, expansion of services and living space for people as they await permanent housing. Facility planning is underway for construction to be completed by June 2024. Actions are being undertaken to obtain additional funding necessary for the construction and completion of the building as well as planning for expanded services and programs.

How can I help Just Compassion in its mission to combat homelessness?

There are a number of ways to get involved with Just Compassion!

  • Check out the current volunteer opportunities with Just Compassion.

  • Continue to explore our website to get inspired and see what speaks to you.

  • Help us in our Capital Campaign to raise additional funding for shelter housing, expanded services and space.

  • Explore are Shop to Support options, where you can support Just Compassion simply by purchasing the things you already buy from the retailers you already frequent. (Fred Meyer, Amazon)

  • Contribute some much-needed supplies to help keep our Resource Center stocked with the items our guests most need.

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